Trends 2020 / Part 1. Sustainability

As we start the beginning of a new decade, we wanted to take look at the macro trends that we feel will shape 2020, from the developing trends of 2019, that will continue to grow, to new emerging ones breaking the codes.


If 2019 was about raising the alarm to save our planet, taking responsibility for our consumption, and questioning businesses and governments on their practises, 2020 will be all about creating change and more.

Enoughism is born from recognising the point at which ‘we have everything we need’. So, given consumers are taking responsibility for their consumption in order to tackle over-consumption, plastic backlash, wildlife struggle and more – should we expect a major refocus towards making amazing experiences, sharing knowledge and repair?

The difference between what is good for people and what is good for the earth will blend in the eye of the consumer. In this spirit, the purpose driven outdoor brand Rei co-op launched its initiatives #OptOutside and #OptToAct

with a yearly action plan, a repair/reuse/resell service and co-operative structure.

Regenerative Agriculture revisits farming using principles and practices that enrich soil that increase biodiversity and enhance ecosystems. Silvopasture, for example, is a way of using livestock to graze pasture beneath trees which creates a sustainable, carbon harvesting and profitable alternative for hardwood farmers.

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