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Today’s innovation starts with people. Our design led user research helps global brands to gain clarity at the fuzzy frontend of innovation.

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We transform insights into consumer value propositions for global consumer brands.

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Design Direction

Our designers will bring both your business and brand aspirations to life through award winning, business changing design.

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In this compilation we explore AI and mental wellbeing, driving change in car ownership, alternatives to meat production, cleaning up a city and packaging which lives on.

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Sowing new seeds

Startup Seed Phytonutrients sells its products in bottles made out of paper and clay, radical enough perhaps, but what’s more they are backed by $33 Billion beauty brand L’Oréal.

As evermore consumers are turning their back on chemical-filled cosmetics for expensive plant-based alternatives, it’s not surprising that we are seeing corporate beauty and personal care brands wanting a slice of the booming natural care market.

Partnerships like this are becoming increasingly common and are of course mutually beneficial, with GenZ consumers on the look-out for independent brands to believe in and corporates looking for ways to attract the attention of this highly desirable consumer.

Naturally the startup will gain capital and distribution to allow them to scale, whilst the corporate will gain an insight into the agility of a start-ups supply chain.

However you look at it, Seed Phytonutrients is a breath of fresh air; with its active support of small scale producers, simple, deconstructed packaging which in itself has a ‘life after use’ as a seed impregnated plant pot – this attention to sustainable detail extends right down to the way it’s designed to be shipped to maximise efficiency.

All that’s left to do now is to convince L’Oréal that sustainability is as good for the bottom line as it is for the planet.

Julien joins the team

Meet our newest addition to the team- Julien, an experienced creative with a background in brand-innovation and industrial design. Julien brings with him a wealth of experience working with consultancies, start-ups and established brands

from the world of premium FMCG & consumer products. Julien has spent much of his career working as an independent creative with leading agencies from Sydney & LA to London. Having recently re-located to Hampshire, 

Julien is excited to join a like-minded studio where big-thinking, creativity and ambition are part of the every day.