We were approached by British consumer electronics brand Goodmans to partner with them as they readied themselves for an exciting new future.

The business wanted to use product design to lead its rebrand. Goodmans wanted to stretch itself internationally and refocus as a design led brand that offered great value for consumers across a number of emerging consumer electronics categories.

Much of our initial work was spent understanding the best attributes of the brand and discussing how the business wished to be seen going forward; then creating a product design strategy to connect the two.

It quickly became apparent that the brand was extremely proud of its long UK audio heritage but at the same time wanted to stretch itself from its audio roots. Goodmans valued its Britishness but did not want to be seen as jingoistic or nostalgic in international markets, but wanted to offer modern British design as well as great value and choice in new areas such as connected digital, digital health and wellness and ultimately into the connected home.

We worked together to map its past, current products and future opportunities and massaged this together with its senior execs into a three year roadmap, that plotted the brands path and its consumer offer through these emerging categories.

Central to Goodmans future is its commitment to intelligent design – a fresh outlook on both simplicity and usability. To help articulate this to senior stakeholders, including the brands Chinese owners we crafted a product brand document consisting of a series of statements that could help shape the future design strategy at the heart of which was ‘brilliantly simple’. A philosophy that would come to bare across brand communications as well as its product design.

Rodd are proud to be central to the Goodmans product development team and that our strategic work continues to shape not only their products, but underpins their digital user experience, online presence and brand communications.

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