As part of our brand strategy work with UK consumer electronics brand Goodmans, they asked us to think how to bring standout product innovation to the soundbar category.

Goodmans had previously sourced soundbars, with great success, so to set out to develop their own was a brave move. The sector is dominated by much larger brands, who unlike Goodmans, could offer the soundbar as a companion to a SMART TV purchase so we needed to turn the proposition on its head.

Aspect is a compact soundbar that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, with users able to easily switch between the two formats courtesy of the soundbar’s smart magnetic base.

This ensures that users have complete flexibility in positioning their soundbar in a way that best suits their entertainment space and style. It’s digital audio processors adjust according to Aspect’s orientation to deliver exceptional cinema-style room-filling sound.

The addition of Bluetooth connectivity with NFC Tap & Pair, means consumers are not restricted to using Aspect as just a soundbar but can also stream their favourite music from smartphones or tablets.

Read about our product and brand strategy project with Goodmans rebrand here.

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