SGW Alexa

Alexa enabled DECT telephone for SGWSGW launch the worlds first alexa enabled home telephoneAlexa enabled home telephone for SGW

SGW Alexa


“Alexa, call Mum using moto”.

We are pleased to showcase our latest work with long-term partner SGW Global – the world’s first Alexa enabled home telephone.

Rodd were appointed to work on the project as part of our long term collaboration with SGW and Motorola. The latest product is the world’s first Alexa enabled home telephone and compliments SGW’s portfolio of recently launched voice user interface (VUI) devices. The product builds on the growing popularity of domestic voice assistants and when coupled with SGW’s over-the-top (OTT) bridge products enables a greater reach for Alexa within the home.

“Our approach was to couple a modern soft domestic look-and-feel, that would both compliment the already hugely successful Motorola CD1, and connect with the emerging trend for ‘shy-tech’ devices. The CD1 was designed by Rodd for SGW in 2009 as one of the first European handset for the Motorola brand. This product is a testament to the power of simple, clean, timeless industrial design” says Rodd’s director, Mark Morgan.

The product will launch globally under the Motorola brand later this year.

Read about the Motorola CD1.

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