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Zyliss asked Rodd to explore innovations that could help differentiate their next generation box grater.

Many of the competing brands had the obvious bases covered – fold flat for storage and new blade technology claims etc so we decided to look more closely at the problems in hand.

We observed that very often users would rock the grater back onto its rear edge to give them a more natural grating angle. Although more comfortable, this can lead to injuries if the grater accidentally slips away from its unstable position.

The other pain point is that your gratings collect inside the grater, very convenient for reducing mess but not so helpful if you want to know how much cheese you have grated.

We combined these two simple user observations to create ‘Tilt and Grate’. The angled base optimises the blade angle, the non slip foot makes accidents a thing of the past, and the elevated front edge means that you can see exactly how much you are grating.

Thanks to the Zyliss design team for all their help and enthusiasm on this project.

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