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Rodd has recently created a brand identity for tech start-up Wellwise.

Wellwise is part of a new breed of tech start-ups that are aiming to reframe attitudes towards ageing. Helping older adults and their families live an independent life with confidence. Their ecosystem of smart devices and wearables discretely captures user-intelligence for both carers and families, helping predict everyday behavioural changes and future care needs long before interventions are required.

We were invited to design their brand and digital positioning as they prepared for launch. Our solution, a lifestyle narrative that targets families who seek a modern solution for the future care of their loved ones.

The brand identity itself is underpinned by a contemporary marque, suggestive of interlocking hands, paired with a light and airy look and feel that would help Wellwise stand apart from the wealth of larger institutional care providers. Using age-positive imagery and a neutral, but optimistic colour palette, we positioned them as an aspirational alternative. A brand that positively reframed ageing, valued independence, dignity and reassurance as much as it did user data security.

Beyond their brand identity, a key aspect of the project was to establish how Wellwise would deliver its customer experience initially via its app and care-dashboard. Again, the final design promotes a sense of reassuring, positive independence rather than overbearing care.

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