User research gives organisations a means to understand the people and situations they design for, which is crucial for successful innovation.

Our user research has provided invaluable insights, context and empathy for our clients on a host of industrial design and innovation projects.

Research allows stakeholders to understand life through the eyes of the people they are targeting. We spend time with users in context, observing their relationship with products and services, and talking to them about their preferences, needs and concerns.

It is often in the juxtaposition between what people say they do and what they actually do, that real opportunities for innovation arise.


We help clients preparing to enter foreign markets. We can translate alien cultural preferences, behaviours and trends into inspiration films, or distil dependable user-insights  enabling overseas design teams  to guide their projects.


Our user research spans subjects as diverse as; mass personalisation, attitudes to and acceptance of emerging technology, public service and consumer journeys. Equally, we address social issues such as; ageing and inclusion, theft, malnutrition, personal care routines, and much more.


Much of our work in this area is at the forefront of a client’s innovation strategy and as such must remain confidential, however, these are a small selection of people we have met along the way.


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