Trends 2020 / Part 2. Wellness & Mindfulness

In this second instalment of our trend report Horizon 2020, we wanted to take look at wellness and midfulness two macro trends that we feel will continue to shape consumers in 2020.

Wellness & Mindfulness

As we switch attention from care for the planet, to care for ourselves… ‘Self-care’ continues to grow, and now has a market value of $4.5 trillion according to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). Naturally,consumer brands are keen to align themselves with purpose driven ethics and consumer-health, as a more stable opportunity than the fickle, and slightly tarnished, fast-moving-consumer goods space.

Sleep quality, is the Holy Grail for many consumers and is fast becoming an established tech-field in its own right.

By changing the position of the head, Smart Nora, helps snorers (and their partners!) get a great night’s sleep.

Climate360 mattress regulate the temperature of your bed from one side to another, and babies don’t miss out either with mamaRoo sleep bassinetfrom 4moms.

With the gym market worth a staggering $80 Bn in 2019, we predict a growth of home exercise tech-brands that will want to take a market share through digital personal trainers. Such as Mirror, which tracks your moves and status while you exercise.

As a counterpoint to ‘tech’, we’ll continue to practise self-wellness through more natural means. Cognitive enhancers (Nootropics) will compliment meditation with practises such as sound bath healing, becoming the next way to #liveyourbestlife, nutrients will be extra-personalised, and the boom created by CBD products will become mainstream in the beauty & wellness industry.

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