Trends 2020 / Part 6. Tech & Healthcare

So as we wrap up our headline review of trends that we think are worthy of discussion in 2020 we come to the relationship between tech and healthcare.

 Tech & Healthcare

Healthcare has always evolved hand in hand with technological advancement.

Today’s headline technologies include; accurate disease identification through machine learning advances, remote patient monitoring allowing distributed healthcare,  virtual reality that speeds up healing in rehab and tissue repair through 3D printing.

Everyone’s favourite technology whipping-boy, Artificial Intelligence, will soon reach its third generation, the “theory of mind” as it moves towards mimicking the human brain function.

Rice University of Houston managed to bio-print a vascular system in all its complexity, enabling the supply of nutrients to densely populated tissues.

As the development of medical grade imaging constantly improves, now combined with AI, it has become a companion to traditional radiologists, who are in scarce supply. Zebra medical vision uses help of an AI assistant to analyse scans before passing to radiologists.

Floreo uses the power of virtual reality as a means to help autistic children, Iris vision help people with low vision to regain their sight with amazing accuracy.

To conclude…

We expect important implementations in 2020. If 2019 was raising awareness from citizens to the alarming global changes we’re going through, the focus now will be to take decisive actions towards a more sustainable society and build back trust through transparency of organisations, traceability and data protection.

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