Trends 2020 / Part 5. Connectivity

In this the fifth issue, of our six part series, exploring the top-level trends that will be influencing 2020 we explore – Connectivity.


This decade will inevitably see more connections and at a faster pace.The wholesale adoption of 5G will not only enable faster speeds, but the growth of truly smart cities.

Toyota unveiled at CES, its plans for a 2,000-person smart city featuring autonomous vehicles, smart technology and robot-assisted living.

Not to be out done. Side Walk Labs, a subsidiary company from Google Head Quarter company Alphabet, and experts in urban innovation, finally got the approval to create a smart area in Toronto made up of eco-friendly buildings, complete with robots and sensors collecting a range of data (sadly on a much smaller scale than it had wanted).

Further to its pioneering work with project Loon, Google X, continues its chase to bring communication everywhere with its project using FSOC.

So can expect a greater integration between our landscape, devices and time online? Best in class experiences will be seamless, supportive, inclusive and engaging – but by contrast, there must be a warning to brands that cross the line – and become too ‘needy’, confusing truth and fiction in the name of content and engagement. In the next edition we touch on how 2020 consumers will view their security and data privacy.


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