Salter Homedics

Salter Homedics

We are all openly ‘foodies’ at Rodd and have gained lots of category experience over the years having worked on kitchenwares and cooking tools with a number of brand leading clients.

So when leading housewares brand Salter asked us to work with their internal industrial design team to bring innovation to their electronic cooking timer product line we were happy to help.

After a detailed review of the cooking timer category it was apparent that we needed user insights to really help the design team understand what was missing. We used a quick ethnography exercise to reconnect Salter with its consumer.

We learnt that home cook was heavily influenced by the popularity of TV chefs who manage multiple cooking timers, this media popularity was resulting in the rise of ‘wannabe’ home chefs.

In response to this insight we proposed a range of cooking timer concepts that would allow consumers to time their stovetop more accurately, set up easily and even fit directly onto the pan, allowing the budding chef to time multiple pans to the second!

The favoured solution was ‘Pinch’ a timer that fits directly to the pan handle. The colourful silicon housing shrouds both the electronic timer and integrates a polyamide spring. When squeezed, the spring opens and clamps to a variety of pan styles and sizes.

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