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Rodd have worked with Philips for over a decade, providing a multitude of innovation support services across most of their consumer lifestyle business units.

We are proud that Coolskin, our first project, was a personal care category World first.

Although all credit must go to the award winning Philips Design team for the shavers industrial design our role, although covert, was no less significant.

Our brief was to work with the consumer innovation teams to add ‘Radiance’ – Philips parlance for consumer experience WOW!

Before this game changing wet and dry shaver, Coolskin shavers had a sachet of lotion on the back of the razor, which the user manually pumped mid-shave onto their beard.

As part of the lead innovation team we helped conceive and develop a fully automated, integrated lotion dispenser, a boost function and an auto refill (when placed back onto the charger dock). Meaning that all the consumer had to was shower, shave and go! No fiddly pumping, no wasteful lotion sachets – simply dock the shaver after use and next time its needed its fully replenished.

We were responsible for all technical ideation and proof of concept prototyping before handing over to the production design teams.

Subsequently we were asked to work with personal care again to create technical packaging designs for the companion Nivea lotion bottle.

This project cemented a trusted relationship with Philips that has continued to this day, covering innovation, consumer experience and industrial design.



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