This is Armlock, a bike lock with a difference.

We learnt that almost as many bikes are stolen from the home as they are from the streets. Whilst there are lots of bike locks for out-and-about there are very few that aim to beat bike crime in the home.

Most cyclists lock their bikes when leaving them on the street, however the same can not be said when they return home – research shows that more than half of bikes are not locked when stolen from in or around a home. There are a lots of reasons for this apathy but one is the lack of a convenient, contemporary solution that looks as good as the bike itself.

During our research phase we visited the homes of a variety of bike lovers that had been victims of bike crime and one thing struck us, the most natural thing to do with a bike is lean it against a wall when you are not riding it!

Armlock fits this insight perfectly, and what better way to reduce residential bike crime than something so natural.

The solution is a wall-mounted lock, whose lock mechanism is triggered simply by the weight of the bike leaning against it. Designed to fit in with contemporary home décor and developed from research insight to industrial design prototype in just four weeks.

Armlock was commissioned as part of the Home Office’s ‘Design & Technology Alliance Against Crime’ program and was facilitated by our long-standing client, The Design Council.

The program which brought together industry, the public sector, designers and crime prevention experts to create design-led ideas for crime proofing products.

We are now actively looking for a venture partner to bring it to market.

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