Trends 2020/ Part 3. Consumer Tech

In the third of our look at headline trends likely to be significant in 2020, having already explored Sustainability and Wellbeing, we switch our focus to the Consumer-tech that will be creating impact in the coming years.


Personalisation to deliver a better experience has always been part of consumerism. People are familiar with brands reaching out to them this way.

With technology such as facial recognition, sensors and smart objects, DNA test democratization, the world has turned into a landscape that shifts and changes around consumers. The result is ever higher expectations for responsive personalisation.

Perso is the beauty device developed by L’Oréal and helping you to create cosmetics specific to your type of skin, according to your outfit or the weather conditions of the day. Sisley’s Hair analyser is a connected device which diagnoses your scalp to provide the most adapted cure for your hair care needs.

Featured at CES, Ballie, will become your AI assistant and will follow you around the house. With voice activation control and ubiquitous integrated camera, it will respond to demands and will be able to act as a personal trainer, capture memories or manage the connected devices of your household (but might need help with the stairs?).

So what will this mean for consumer brands? Their ability to address our needs, and deliver empathetic, meaningful solutions through new products and services is clearly key. However the way in which these experiences are designed and delivered will of course be the differentiator.


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