Meet NOD, a bed side radio that combines retro good looks with modern bedside charging needs.

Rodd were asked to create a distinctive concept that would shine and stand out in a crowded market.


Design DNA

We wanted to design a product that offered style and substance, whilst remaining in keeping with the Goodmans Design DNA – something that Rodd had played a major role in when developing an entire brand refresh, with the development of products such as Rocka, GoAspect and Canvas.


Fast Charging

In these days of devices on the nightstand, Nod comes into its own. The twin USB ports are equipped with high power, fast charging so you can charge your mobile, tablet or e-reader at your bedside without the need for additional chargers or plug sockets.

A gentle rising alarm means you are slowly woken without a sudden dawn chorus of blaring beeps or buzzers. Its oversized rocking sleep button is both practical and part of the Goodmans design DNA we had established earlier in the year.

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