cleantech design language by Rodd


With the UN predicting that by 2030 the World is projected to face a 40% global water deficit, clean-tech startup Kelda and its revolutionary shower technology is well placed to deliver impact.

Their patented Triple-E technology delivers a shower experience that blends sophisticated fluid dynamics and pumped air to halve the water consumption of a conventional shower whilst offering twice the spray force.

When the startup approached Rodd they had secured both Series-A investment and a small foothold in the market. Their impressive energy and water conservation had made them the ideal partner for high footfall hospitality customers such as 24-hour gyms.

Kelda’s next objective was to demonstrate that its high-quality showering experience would also meet the demands of a more sophisticated hospitality customer – such as hotels, spas and cruise liners – for whom design would play a significant part in their future success.

Our role was to create new products with design values that matched their technology and that would help get Kelda in front of new customers. The second critical aspect of our work was to help the young business to accelerate and risk-reduce its design for manufacture process to ensure they could launch four ground-up products in what was a very ambitious timeline.

The selected approach was co-developed with the Kelda team and reflects the influence of the brand’s Nordic roots. The unobtrusive, modernist design language with its elegant form and sophisticated material palette proved extremely popular with key customers looking to specify eco-showers that complement beautiful bathrooms, whilst meeting stringent water reduction targets. The initial launch range includes the ‘Control-Hub’, a handset and an adjustable overhead outlet along with a series of fittings.

Each product was designed and detailed for manufacture by Rodd, in close collaboration with Kelda’s own in-house engineering team, with Rodd helping select suitable vendors who could confidently deliver the product vision to market.

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