RODD_ICEE_connected homeRODD_ICEE_connected homeRODD_ICEE_connected home


The iCee indoor cloud camera looks after life inside the home when you aren’t there.

Designed as part of a connected home system for Goodmans, iCee reports all internal movement, captures and sends video snippets directly to your smart phone.

iCee also doubles-up as a conferencing camera with its ultra-wide field of view, high end optics and face detection, an internal microphone and infrared lens means that you can hear and see your baby sleeping at night or keep an eye on the coming and goings of the cat!

We partnered with Goodmans to lead all aspects of the development. We worked closely alongside the Asian OEM to develop and refine the electro-mechanical package, as well as the iCee app to ensure a seamless consumer experience.

The industrial design tightly wraps the internal package and allows for both a natural horizontal and upright form factor. Coupled with the stand, it makes for a highly compact and flexible solution.

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