GSK Aquafresh

IsoActive packaging design concepts for GSKAquafresh packaging design concepts for GSKPackaging design concept by Rodd

GSK Aquafresh

We have a rich history of innovative packaging design for fast moving consumer brands, often working in partnership with other 2D packaging design agencies as well as with our own clients.

On this occasion the packaging design teams within GSK approached Rodd to explore what foaming gel toothpaste might offer to the consumer.

Our role was to explore multiple concepts for consumer research, before developing the preferred closure that offered the suitably unique experience, and addressed the functional requirements of the new format.

The solution shown here is ‘Switch’, one of the concepts taken into early consumer research. The closure acts as a transit lock when not in use, and when the thumb-pad is rotated, it forms a lever to dispense a measured dose of paste.


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