5 Ways to get your packaging right

There is no denying that good packaging sells products. In fact some CEOs are seriously effusive about just how important packaging is. Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks puts packaging spend over advertising spend in this passionate article. Here are five things we think you should bear in mind if you want to get it right.

1/ Tell your story Great brands have a clear and singular tone of voice. They have a message that is simple to remember and easy to explain. In our digital age, whilst your consumer’s first experience of your brand might not be in the retail aisle, that magic moment of getting your hands on the goods for the first time is still pivotal. In fact, research suggests that at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging. And with our average first impressions made in the first seven seconds, it’s critical to get it right.

2/ Give it a ‘hook’ Whilst sadly the majority of packaging only has a fleeting existence, its job goes way beyond delivering the contents intact. Inventive and carefully crafted solutions can spark the imagination and create moments of delights. Think about an original, creative way to draw the consumer’s attention.

3/ Stand out in a crowd In an ever crowded marketplace great packaging makes you stand out from your competition. Make sure your brand will be remembered, but, more importantly, think very carefully about what you want to be remembered for.

4/ Waste less No one likes wasteful, superficial design – it is bad for your brand and even worse for the planet. Climate change and sustainable development are the two biggest issues facing our society today. What does it say about your brand

if you don’t demonstrate your willingness to adapt and help reduce the environmental impacts of products? So buck the trend and take a positive stance with your packaging design.

 5/ Create beauty Good packaging design is beautiful. There is no denying that a beautifully resolved idea can add great value to your brand. So there is no excuse not to be brave, intelligent and pursue a well-conceived idea as far as you can. It will make all the difference.

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