Mindfulness. 2016 Trends

This is the world of the Quantified Self where almost everything that can be measured – is measured!

Exercise, hydration, sleep and diet are all commonplace activities we track – so what’s next for the $9Billion mobile health monitoring market?

CES was alive with health sensor propositions, from Smart Bra’s to UV monitoring skin patches, but we think that mental wellbeing or ‘mindfulness’ (ironically perhaps, given the already not insignificant draw on our ‘head space’) is the next thing that Millennials will be exploring via their smart phone in 2016.

Think of apps as a gym for the mind, Headspace – described as ‘meditation made simple’. Pause by UsTwo is described as relaxation at your fingertips. Combine this with CES sensation, Muse, and you can have a connected mindfulness moment whenever the mood takes you.

Naturally, for the quantified selfer, there are stats on how many meditations you do per week, how long they were and what kind.

After all there’s no point in relaxing if you can’t document it.

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