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Former client joins the team.

Please welcome Christian Corney to the Rodd family as the latest of our strategic associates, as we continue to strengthen our strategic consulting offer for 2018. Time and again, we hear from clients that they need an agency that can blend insights, creative and commercial rigour, when exploring consumer value proposition.

Rodd’s MD Ben Davies says, ‘We are operating at the front end of consumer innovation and we felt that Christian would bring exactly the strategic and business acumen that our clients are looking for.’

A highly accomplished commercial director with a track record of consumer brand successes, Christian joins Rodd as an associate, to help clients looking to build robust value proposition, plan for technology-centric growth and deliver strategic NPD due diligence.

Ode at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York

We’re pleased to announce that Ode which, developed with Rodd and the Design Council, uses fragrance to reawaken appetite for people living with dementia, has been selected by Cooper Hewitt to feature in the upcoming exhibition ‘The Senses’.

Ode releases three highly authentic food aromas to coincide with meal times to help stimulate appetite and rekindle an interest in eating.

Ode typifies much of what we at Rodd hold dear; a simple to use, disruptive innovation combined with beautifully crafted product design that delivers far and above the category norm.

To find out more about Ode then please click here.

To find out more about the exhibition and the Smithsonian Design Museum please click here.


We took our annual pilgrimage to Ambiente, Frankfurt, this year to see what’s hot in the world of housewares and interiors. Here is our take on some of the highlights and trends that we saw this year.

Sustainable Timber

There is an undercurrent of change at Ambiente this year, with everything eco bubbling to the surface. Many brands are revisiting bamboo as an alternative to less sustainable timbers in housewares – mixed with mass produced plastics it’s delivering the semiotic code and appears to be a solid sustainable option.

Waste Not

A number of brands are exploring alternatives to reduction in food waste. For example, JosephJoseph launched its intelligent waste slogan last year at the launch of its totem bins. This year, a few other brands are pushing water management, recycling and composting with a design-thinking twist.

Brand Re-Direction

Chef’n hinted at a shift away from kitchen tools towards aspirational countertop and were showing a lovely citrus press and companion coffee system – tapping into the massive US cold brew coffee appetite and pairing with French press and drip filter/pour-over.

On the Go

Lunch bags are also set to expand with many brands doing great job to make this area more appealing…

P.E.T Hate

Water bottles have become the Ambiente must-have over the last five years – with every brand looking to leverage their own special twists… Without being cynical there are now so many brands producing PET replacement that we are starting to wonder when someone will disrupt the market and do something meaningful with a plastic free solution?

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Meet Tony

Tony joins Rodd as a First Class Honours Graduate of Loughborough University’s famous industrial design course. As a young designer he is the perfect blend of pure industrial know-how and has a healthy fascination for making the everyday better for people.

We are pleased to see that he is already demonstrating that he is a hybrid with both physical and digital design skills. Moving from his native Derbyshire to live by the sea for the first time in Bournemouth, he is already looking forward to his first Summer ‘Down South’!

We look forward to getting him immersed in a wide range of client projects very soon.

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