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Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

This week Rodd visited the 2017 Clerkenwell Design week. A great occasion to get an overview of current industry trends. Here are three motifs we picked that inspired us:

Speckle We saw a great deal of variation of speckle finishes. Combinations of materials, such as marble and concrete, as well as recycled plastics, which were often used to add additional dimensions to simple geometric shapes across luxury furniture and vases (see Conpot, Elise Som). Speckles were also used as a pattern on various wooden furniture, from to dining tables to kitchen drawer chests (MannMade).

Raw Ceramics Hand and Eye Studio’s creations are influenced by an interesting contrast of shape and materials. Industrial looking extruded lamps are complemented by the use of warm raw terracotta and beautiful handcrafted details. A great example of modern ceramic pieces, that work both for home and office environments.

Embroidered patterns Design is all about subtlety, but our attention was caught by big and bright patterns.

Playing with colours, and adding additional layers of texture on sofas and rugs, these embroidered patterns make a bold statement. Quite refreshing to see in a world of delicate furniture.

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