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A Placement at Rodd – Blair’s experience

Meet Blair who has joined the Rodd team on an internship from Northumbria University’s Design for Industry course. We asked him a few questions about his first two months in the Rodd studio.

So Blair; what’s the thing that has surprised you so far about life as a designer versus life as a design student?

I would say that it is how thorough designers are when working on a project – in research, ideation, model making, presenting. As a student, you tend to be quite brisk, by doing so, you fail to see the real problems and to refine the design to what it needs to be.

How do you think work experience helps improve young designers?

It puts things in perspective and you learn skills and a thought process that university can’t teach you. It is also useful to be in a

new environment and talk to people with different opinions. It helps shaping you as a designer but also as a person.

What is the main thing you have learnt that you will use to improve your University projects? 

The thoroughness in the work but also the importance of model making. It really helps you visualise the scale of the product and understand how it would work and how people would interact with it. It enables you to see issues that you couldn’t see with sketching.

If you had any advice to younger aspiring designers, what would you tell them?

Fail – and fail a lot. As a designer, if you are always in a bubble of anxiety, if you don’t want to ‘fail’, you won’t ever improve. It is a core part of the design process – iterate.


If you are interested in a 3 or 6 month placement then please email CVs and work samples to


To qualify for this role you must be eligible for full time employment in the UK

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