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Rodd will be visiting Exclusively Housewares 2015. The event displays a wide range of household products with 2015

seeing the inclusion of Exclusively Electrical, a new branch of the show focusing on small domestic appliances.

For more information on Exclusively Housewares 2015 click here .

Innovation In Healthcare and Transport at the Designs of the Year 2015

The Designs of the Year 2015 exhibition aimed to offer a snapshot of the most innovating and simulating projects from around the world.

Ranging in size and type, from architectural structures to kitchen utensils, 76 projects were selected for the award. In their wide range, they reveal the vital role of design as a problem-solver, and a cultural force. The 76 innovative and diverse projects were divided in seven categories which comprised all the aspects and roles that design plays in society, from design that brings change, to design that aids new ways of living and design that embodies current trends. Amongst these, two strong themes were repeatedly exploited: healthcare and transport.

We have selected below a few projects and designs that particularly caught our attention.

Project Daniel

by Not Impossible

An inspiring user-focused application of digitech, enabling amputees to 3D-print their own limbs. The source of this project was one of 50,000 amputees in South Sudan: Daniel Omar lost both his arms when a bomb went off while he was tending his parents’ cows. When Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible saw the footage, the Project Daniel was launched setting up a lab in South Sudan. Through crowdsourcing and sharing technology and knowledge, Not Impossible turned the one-off project into an outreach programme, which became the first 3D-printing prosthetic lab.



by Sam Pearce 

Another interesting crowdfunded project is the Loopwheels, at the crossing of both the healthcare and transport areas. Following the success of Sam Pearce’s Loopwheels for bicycles on Kickstarter, the project was extended to wheelchairs and a new crowdfunding campaign was initiated last February. The spring system replaces conventional spokes with three loops, made from a carbon composite material that provides the shock absorption,  to increase comfort and to help the user push the wheelchair over uneven streets with less effort. From a practical aspect, the wheels bring a much higher level of comfort for the user by absorbing tiring vibration, bumps and shocks. 

Google self-driving car

by YooJung Ahn, Jared Gross and Philipp Haban

The big highlight of transport innovation was of course the new Google self-driving car. The Google car concept is significant mainly because it is the first of what is predicted to be a culture-changing technology. A brilliant example of design altering habits as owning your own car might soon make very little sense when you can command a robotic vehicle with your smartphone to come and pick you up. A group of industry expert at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum exposed the benefits of driverless cars ranging from cleaner air to economic growth. This is something we discussed in our blog on the future for passengers here:


BMW i8

 by Adrian van Hooydonc

Revealed as the 2009 Vision Efficient Dynamics concept, a brilliant piece of both engineering and design described as an eco-friendly sports car, BMW’s i8 is a lightweight car powered by a revolutionary petrol-electric plug-in hybrid, all-wheel-drive powertrain.

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