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Fresh from Twitter/ 3D Printing & Personalisation

3D printing is becoming an over hyped term in tech and design circles – but that aside, the opportunities for creating really great and novel ‘products’ has never been so easy.

This piece from CoolHunting is interesting. Whilst many high end audio brands offer custom fit, studio quality inner ear headphones this service comes at a suitably high price. New York based Normal have capitalised on 3D printing and a neatly designed app to bring personalisation to the masses.

Normal has found a way to do away with the costly silicon moulding process normally associated with custom fit and their app takes a series of snaps, which in turn create a render of your soon to be printed buds – customers can customise and place an order. Pick up is from their storefront or remotely. Simple.

So what can we take from this?
Mass Customisation is a really seductive and very appealing brand opportunity for both brands and customers –3D printing is a perfect way to explore this.

Agility. Don’t be hindered by the huge capital needed for traditionally costly injection moulding tooling and explore the infinite freedom that 3D printing offers.

Don’t just replicate what could otherwise be manufactured but explore new propositions and consumer experiences that can be brought to life through 3d printing.

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Fresh from Twitter/ Rethinking the kettle. By Nils Chudy

We tweeted about this great exercise in simplicity by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nils Chudy.

I’m guessing many folks have had the similar thought in their ideation sessions – but it was the efficient execution of the ID that caught our attention.  

Nils has devised a way to use induction power to heat liquid in a cup eliminating the kettle.

A few one-cup style appliances have been and gone in recent years, and contrary to the points in the original Dezeen article, electric kettles whilst the consume a lot of power they are 

actually extremely efficient – but nevertheless a simple induction device like this has a real appeal. Good luck Nils!

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